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Take the guesswork out of reading the environment and rapidly alerts you to course-correct for ultimate comfort
  • Monitor environmental data
  • Graph your sensor readings
  • Gather historical data
  • Get real-time notifications
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Connect and mobile monitor devices throughout the house
Zentser takes the guesswork out of reading the environment and rapidly alerts you to course correct for ultimate comfort.
Monitor sensor data
Monitor environmental data
Take the guesswork out of environmental factors such as temp, humidity, air quality,
or brightness
Review sensor logs and graphs
Gather historical data
Review and understand extreme lows and highs, trends, and causalities in environmental data
Mobile and Email notification
Real-time notifications
Get immediate alerts to avoid inconveniences like: excessive heat, shivering cold, dampness, dryness, insufficient light, exposure, and more
Monitor your home
Monitor the comfort of your home and family. Ensure your living room is cozy, your bedroom is restful, and your basement is dry.
Monitor appliances
Monitor your fridge, freezer, greenhouse, humidor, reptile terrarium, and more.
Identify problems
Find and fix hot and cold spots. Ensure dead air nooks and corners get the benefit of your hardworking HVAC, heating, and/or AC systems.
Visualize with data
Log environmental data to understand your hot and cold thresholds, see the effectiveness of your heating/cooling systems, and visualize fluctuations.

Monitor on-the-go

Let Zentser powered sensors act as your eyes and ears.
You'll get real-time updates and insights with our mobile app.

Get push notifications, emails, and weekly insights

Monitor with smartphone
Customer quotes

"Zentser gives us a peace of mind for our analytical tests. With real-time notifications, we have a chance to react and course correct tests before they fail. This minimizes our failure rate, and gives us flexibility when we step out of the lab."

Customer quotes

"Zentser provides insightful environmental data in easy to digest form. This allows us to better understand the conditions and how to configure the best setup for comfort."

Customer quotes

"Zentser puts my mind at ease with full assurance that my winter home won't freeze and that pipes won't burst. If there's a danger of that, I have ample time to notify a local to mitigate the issue"

Valid alerts only
False Alerts
Powerful validation checks ensures each raised alert is relevant to our user.
Cloud infrastructure
Built on
Zentser users benefit from broad and deep IoT services, from the edge to the cloud. AWS IoT is proven at scale, offers multi-layered security, and superior AI integration.
Connect to your SBC and Microcontrollers
Works with Arduino and Raspberry Pi
Bring mobile notifications and historic charts to sensors connected to Single Board Computers and MicroControllers

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of sensors should I use?
See FAQ Answer

It depends on what you are trying to measure. There are sensors for temp, humidity, light, soil moisture, air quality, motion, and more. 

Reach out directly with the Contact Us form. We can help you with your use case

So Zentser is in IoT then?
See FAQ Answer

Technically ... yes. Nowadays, IoT aims at industries like agriculture, mining, factories, etc. Zentser is still keeping IoT at a personal level. 

Zentser is about using hardware and sensors to help people. Zentser will take care of numerous technologies that are required for leveraging IoT. The deep hardware knowledge, IoT cloud provisioning, and mobile app development are abstracted out for you to get the benefits of sensors right away.

How does Zentser make money?
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Zentser is free to use and we're committed to supporting the free features.

You can track, graph, and notify data for up to three sensors. With user feedback there will be additional premium features that will lead to revenues.

We hope you find value in the app. If you do, tell your friends. If you don't, tell us here and we'll improve

How many sensors can I monitor from one device?
See FAQ Answer

At the moment there is a limit of monitoring only a single reading from one device/microcontroller. We’re working to support more sensor readings from a single device/microcontroller.

How many devices can I configure?
See FAQ Answer

With a free tier, you can monitor up to three sensors on unique devices.

If you need to monitor more, please Contact Us with your request. We can help you increase that limit.

Why does my device say my device is “Blocked”?
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Zentser accepts up to five messages from a single device in a period of 10 minutes. If there’s any more messages sent, due to the potential threat of a denial of service attack (DoS) the device gets blocked for 24 hours.

How do I know that my Alert isn’t just an anomaly in the sensor reading?
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There’s functionality that we offer on the devices with our SDK to do a local check before raising an alert. In the case of a reading that exceeded your threshold, the device quickly checks the sensor reading again. Only in the case of consecutive excessive measurements, will you get an Alert.

This will ensure that you are not troubleshooting alerts from a misfired sensor reading.

Zentser keeps triggering an Alert. What do I do?
See FAQ Answer

Fix the issue. Properly set alert notifies you that your environment is exceeding the comfort range. Once you get your environment back to the comfort range, you should get one last notification that the readings are now fine.

Technically, you could also disable Alert notifications. But that isn’t really fixing the issue. In this case rethink your thresholds, or re-address your monitoring situation.

Zentser hasn’t sent an Alert yet. Is it working?
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Zentser is always working. But there is a chance that the device went offline, powered down, or experienced another issue. Check the device activity graph to confirm you have recent readings. If you have a value in the last 10 minutes, then everything is working.

Wow, you’re such an innovative company. How do you do it all?
See FAQ Answer

Well, thank you for such a lovely question entirely out of nowhere.

Contact me later to get your crisp $20 bill.


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