Data Sample Interval

Your digital devices usually sample values every few milliseconds. If your Web API call happened every few milliseconds, it would generate tons of trash traffic, take up unnecessary resources from the microcontroller, and require even more resources from the server. 

This we populate historic sensor value graphs with a 10-minute interval. The 144 daily readings we store on the server give enough data to observe trends and derive conclusions. 

The values that exceed the threshold and trigger the alert go out ASAP.  So alarms and extreme conditions get to you right away. A double validation check happens locally on the device, and then the Web API call sends a notification and email to you. That puts the monitoring Zentser device in alert mode.

Once the device is in alert mode, the following email you get will go out at the regular 10-minute interval. If the sensor reading exceeds normal conditions, you will get continuous notifications and emails at 10-minute intervals.

Once the sensor readings go back to normal range, Zentser sends the email that the device deescalates from alert mode to normal mode. That email will also go out at the 10-minute interval.

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