Proximity sensors can measure how near or far an object is.

Sensor Description

Think of it echolocation in bats or dolphins.


  • Detect objects' absence and presence.    E.g. Items on the store shelves, cars in a parking lot, etc,
  • Object avoidance.    E.g. Autonomous cars, robot vacuum cleaners, etc.
  • Distance measuring.    E.g. Enforce 6 ft. apart, objects at a distance, etc.
  • Volume measuring.    E.g. Fill tanks, water level measurement, etc.


For everyday distance detection we recommend this type of Ultrasonic Sensor (buy):

Note: If your application involves measuring levels of liquid in containers, using a more industrial, more weather resistant, and more expensive sensor would be the way to go.

Here's a diagram for wiring the sensor to NodeMCU

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