Release notes v1.1: the UX Delighters

Today we are proud to present a new release for Zentser. It’s packed with exciting features and UX delighters. Let’s dive in.

It's now easier than ever to save and display sensor information on a mobile device.

Customize your icons

You can now assign different icons to your devices. 

Custom Icons Screen

Charts that chart new territories

First and foremost, the graphs have been revamped and updated. The new graphs provide animations upon loading, a better tooltip popup, and tabs for ‘Day’ | ‘Week’ | ‘Month’ | ‘Year’ only appear as long as you have the data for that period.

Animated Charts

Fresh Alerts

The Alerts screen has also been updated. It’s now bolder and simpler to set up thresholds. 

New Alert Screen

Also fixed icon in alerts with a Zentser logo

General UX improvements

  • X (Clear) icons in input fields when creating a new device and when creating a new group
  • Added "App version" in users' settings

General stability, bug fixes, and library upgrades

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