Release Notes v1.2: Multi-sensor release

Compare multiple readings from one sensor or from multiple sensors connected to one device. Our latest release exponentially increases your measuring monitoring capabilities.

Multi sensor

Use less hardware to get more readings.

For example, use a DHT sensor to get: temperature, humidity, and heat index.

Alternatively, connect a single microcontroller to multiple sensors in order to combine readings.

Multi-sensor screen

New device edit screen

To deal with more sensors, we added a new screen. Now re-order, rename, add and delete readings on your device in one screen.

Device edit screen

Visual Warnings

Sometimes your devices need more to configure. Sometimes sensors experience outages that cause a delay in the data.

We have now added visual warnings with detailed messages to make you aware of potential problems.

Data warnings about device

and more

  • more intuitive UX changes
  • faster app speeds
  • upgraded libraries

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